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Chiusura de La Vecchia Scuola Bolognese

Comunicazione di servizio: 
La Vecchia Scuola Bolognese nei giorni di giovedì 26 e venerdì 27 marzo rimarrà chiusa per catering.
Lo Staff.

The school

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Vecchia Scuola Bolognese

 VSB is the first Sfoglia and traditional Bolognese cooking school.

The courses are open to everyone: adults, kids, Italian and foreign http://www.lavecchiascuola.com/index.php/en/the-school

Inside, the school is divided into two large rooms; on the first floor classrooms of pasta, bread and pastries, on the ground floor the large Kitchen and Main Room, which is home to events, courses, demonstrations and special occasions

ONLY FOR MEMBERS WITH FIDELITY CARD is possible to stay in the Main Room to taste the dishes that the kitchen offers with a daily menu.

La prova del cuoco

You can look Alessandra Spisni at the TV show "La del Prova del Cuoco" on RAI1 at 12:00 every Monday and every Thursday.


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